Dunwoody Soccer Camp Protocol & Guidelines


  • Parents will not be allowed onsite during the program times.


  • Coaches and assigned counselor(s), will ensure the cleaning protocols are followed.


  • All parents will be instructed on our drop off/pick up procedures via email prior to camp.    

  • DROP OF/PICK UP Details:

  • Drop off: Drivers will be instructed to stay in their car with their campers. health screening questionnaire will be completed each morning while remaining in the car. After completion of the health screening process, the camper will be escorted by a volunteer to the field.

  • Pick up: The procedure from drop off will effectively be reversed. Adults will not get out of their cars. Volunteers’ will assist and escort camper to their car. Volunteer will open the car door and assist campers into car.

  • Campers are required to bring their own water labeled with their name. Campers will not be allowed to share drinks.

  • A light snack is allowed if clearly labeled with their name. Campers will not be allowed to share food.

  • There is no refrigerator at the fields so please make sure snack does not need to be kept cool.

  • Each parent will be asked to confirm lack of symptoms for every member of the household prior to dropping their camper off each day.


  • Screening of coaches and staff daily.


  • Each camper is encouraged to bring their own ball. 


  • Camp equipment that can be sanitized will be cleaned after use.


  • Hand sanitizer will be available and used during transition of activities.


  • Campers will be assigned to a group of 10 or less people for the duration of camp.


  • Any camper showing symptoms will be quickly isolated and the parents called to come and pick up the child.  Parents must agree prior to drop off that any call for pick up will be addressed immediately. A specific confined area will be defined as the isolation area. 

As guidelines develop and change frequently, we will utilize information from the Centers for Disease Control and public health officials in order to adjust our protocols as necessary.  A healthy environment is our primary goal through practices designed to prevent the spread of germs. Camp fees for any coronavirus (COVID-19) related cancellation will be refunded upon request. If you have other questions, please contact us.

Kim Josephson & Paige Garrigan

Dunwoody Girls Soccer Booster Co-Presidents